• Speech Professionals (Therapists, Teachers, Clinicians..) are often overworked.
  • Clients don’t get the one-to-one time they need.
  • There is developing technology which promises to help.
  • We aim to give speech professionals the opportunity to use and improve the technology.
  • The professionals must be in control of the technology.
  • The technology must adapt to the professional’s needs.
  • The data collected while the technology is in use will provide a basis for further research and development.
  • CloudCAST will provide a resource which is free to the community.
  • This resource will be available ‘in the cloud’, with computation done remotely.


  • Therapy aids based on speech recognition.
  • Speech disorder diagnostics.
  • Literacy Tutors.
  • Personalised recognisers for people with speech disorders.
  • Voice command and control for people who can’t use keyboards.
  • Communication aids for people whose speech is hard to understand.