Exemplar Applications


CloudCAST intends to provide software for

Speech training applications:

  • Pronunciation exercises tailored to an individual
    • Articulation Tutors
    • Non-native language pronunciation
  • Automated reading tutors.

Once set up by a professional, the software can run on the client’s own computer: the client  can practice in her/his own time.

The system provides the client with immediate feedback, records the speech and collects progress statistics for the professional.

Help for people who can’t use keyboards:

  • Voice-controlled assistive technology,
  • Voice entry to the digital world,
  • Communication aids.

Assessment tools:

  • Intelligibility estimation, replacing subjective listening tests with objective measures
  • Computer-aided diagnosis, for instance Frenchay dysarthria assessment.

Speech Data Collection and Personal Recognisers

A speaker uses a CloudCAST app to record training data and a recogniser is adapted to her/his voice.